Beliefs and proofs of the benefits of seaweed.

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Seaweed help lose weight a food choices are part of the way to control weight. There are many supplements claiming the benefits of seaweed extract for weight loss. This leads many people to believe that consuming algae may result in slimming. However, some studies have suggested that algae extract benefits may boost metabolism. And reduces the feeling of hunger It can contribute to weight loss.

A study from the Netherlands looked at the feeling of hunger among 23 subjects aged 18-60 years. They were asked to drink a fiber drink and alginate extracted from brown seaweed. The subject was then asked to report his/her hunger rate each time after drinking. Which the research found Fiber and alginate from brown seaweed. May help to feel pregnant for up to 5 hours after consumption and may make you feel 30 percent less hungry UFABET

Another study involved 72 female subjects with type 1 fatty liver disease. not caused by alcohol. It was found that the experimental group that consumed Fucoxanthin derived from seaweed. And pomegranate seed oil lost a lot of weight compared to the group that did not consume the substance. Fucoxanthin may aid weight loss by breaking down fatty acids. And increase energy to the body as well.

As the National Cancer Institute revealed. Brown seaweed extract may help strengthen metabolic processes immune system response and increase energy to the body.

Although a few studies have shown that algae extract may have weight loss effects. But those studies were in small trials. And some of them are just laboratory studies. Therefore, the effectiveness of algae in this aspect cannot be clearly confirmed. And it’s not known for sure if consuming algae is safe for the body. Or provide better health benefits than diet and exercise in any way.