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Onions a plant in the same family as garlic is no less popular. Either red onion or onion are important ingredients to enhance the taste and aroma of food. That must always be a companion in the kitchen. and in addition to being useful in cooking. Onions may also be good for your health. Because it contains complete nutrients is low in calories, high in vitamin C and rich in substances. That have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Prevent heart disease The belief that onions protect against heart disease may have been traced to one study. UFABET In which quercetin supplements, a compound found in onions helped prevent heart disease. May have a beneficial effect on blood lipid levels blood pressure level. Blood sugar response and inflammation are all risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Subsequently, a direct study was given to men with smoking habits. Taking 100 mg of onion peel extract quercetin daily for 10 weeks appears to reduce blood lipid levels. blood sugar and blood pressure levels. This means it may be helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in smokers.

Another study showed that taking 162 mg of quercetin powder daily for 6 weeks lowered blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. If this efficacy of quercetin extracted from onion peels is further proven to be effective. In addition to being helpful in lowering blood pressure levels. It will also make it less likely to have cardiovascular disease as well.