Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal: Collecting issues after the Premier League game

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Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal: Collecting issues after the Premier League game, the London derby, the Gunners won the victory over the Blues.

“London East Red”

The picture of the game in this match must say that it does not turn the expectations of Arsenal, the leader of the crowd who comes with the most confidence and is the one who has more possession of the ball to attack. create more opportunities Control the game in the palm of your hand. Until I can clearly see the difference between the standards of the two teams in London at this time. Which saw this, it is not surprising that the cannons will come to win the championship fully, while the Blue Lion, in this condition, can only win the top 4 as tired as ever.

Chelsea can’t unpack, can’t chase the end

Chelsea’s 4-3-3 formation in this game didn’t seem as effective as it could have been. Part of that was because their way of playing today was half-mediocre and incomplete. Will set the game to attack from the back. It will chase, squeezed high, Chelsea and can’t pick up the place until it has to long and ends with losing the ball. But after losing the ball and not chasing. Each other in full area Chasing only some people. Not chasing the whole panel. That allowed the visiting team to easily knock the ball through the gap to escape the articulation. Which over 90 minutes today Graham Potter was unable to completely solve the game, regardless of who was sent on the field. The game looks the same, plays the same way and ends in defeat in the end.

Chelsea’s offensive game without toxicity

Even if it’s not new But today’s game proved in full view that Chelsea’s attack at the moment is completely fearless. The kind that almost put pressure on Arsenal’s defenses at all throughout the game. There are almost no chances to end. Shot on the frame 1, shot off the frame 1, no rhythm, creating a beautiful game to see. The ball can’t play. different people play Focus on the long splash and go to win each other in the front. And also the one-on-one raising will not pass. make it a play Can’t get up to the game, can’t connect with the ball. Finally, lose the ball like kicking against the wall until the heavy work falls to the defensive game.

Jesus scoreless in 8 games in a row

In fact, today the Gunners’ offensive game created 14 beautiful chances throughout the game. But it has to be stuck. Where the young power offensive line has shot most of the fishermen, and the hope spearhead Gabriel Jesus is one of them. That today has had the opportunity to finish many times. but not yet decisive enough Although the individual technique is excellent, it goes well with the ball. But the fact that it doesn’t end often, it affects the confidence that after this game, it’s the 8th match, including all items that have no goals in hand. This could directly affect Tite’s decision to choose him as part of brazil national team Going to the World Cup at the end of this year?