Nice sports director says he never offered Lloris from Spurs.

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Nice sporting director Florent Gisolfi admits that. It is not as easy as peeling a banana to bring Hugo Lloris to join the team quickly today according to the news in the media. Because there are many matters that need to be settled and are all challenging.

Lloris is a former Nice player who went on to make a name with Olympique Lyonnais until being bought by Spurs more than 11 years ago. Over time, his status changed from captain to reserve. When Gujelmo Vicario competed for the position. UFABET During the era of head coach Ange Postecoglou 

Until there was a trend that Tottenham would cancel the contract of the 36-year-old goalkeeper to become a free agent at Nice. Even if the summer market is closed. 

However, Gisolfi agrees that the matter is more complicated than the media tries to relate. 

“ The stories that are told show the current position of football and the influence of social media. ” Nice Martin said .

“ A few minutes before the summer market closed, it was claimed that. His agent is trying to get him to cancel his contract at Spurs. With the destination being Nice for signing. ”  

“ That doctor also denies the rumor that it is not true. ” 

“ He didn’t refuse to join Nice because the club never made a serious offer or anything like that. ” 

Lloris has become Spurs’ #3 pick, after Fraser Forster. He is expected to complete his contract in June 2024 .